Spray painting lines

Continuous spray painting lines are suitable for high productivity, high capacity requirements and for high throughputs of same or similar parts.
Our spray painting lines allways comply to customer's demands.

Spray painting lines mostly consist of these three parts:

  • Surface pretreatment section - To achieve the highest quality of paintwork, the surface of goods has to be pretreated. Pretreatment helps to increase adhesivity of paint to surface. During pretreatment we degrease the surface, remove paint, impurities and metalic scales. There are also possibilities of pickling, phosphating and many more afterwards.
  • Painting section - We deliver technologies for water, organic or powder based coating materials. Paint can be applied automatically or manually. Painting section consists of paint boxes or paint booths, which are equipped with filtration systems.
  • Final treatment section - Final treatment section serves to harden the paint coated layer. Therefore volatilization tunnels, dryers and heat ovens are used.

Transportation between each section can be solved by one of many transportation system.